“I Can Do That”-Ways to serve your church
We all serve our God & King through His church, when we are:
  • Here every week for Corporate Worship on Sundays
  • Participating weekly in a Fellowship Group/Groups
Here are a few ways you can further serve the body of Christ:
  • Restore the corners of the driveway by the street (see Bill Schwarz)
  • Sign Maintenance (change lettering, weekly)
  • Sweep the back classroom hall and conference room
  • Audio/Visual on Sunday mornings Fulfilled (meeting after church today)
  • First Sunday Brunch January & February 2018-December 2017 Fulfilled
If you would like to volunteer, please contact the church office, either by email:glorychurch@cfl.rr.com or phone:321-632-6812.
Without U We R Not A Church