Slideshow Video Sunday April 6 2014

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Farewell Millie – Video of Slides with Music

Our dear friend Millie is moving away, I put this together for her and for our parishioners who will miss her very much.  Classical pieces on the piano played by Ben Stroman.

Video by Ben Stroman, Glory of God Webmaster

Introduction for Church Videos

An Introduction for videos made for Glory of God Anglican Church.

Breakfast Blessings August 5 2012

Sunday May 25 2013 Memorial Weekend


Flowering of the Cross Easter March 31, 2013

Flowering of the Cross – a couple of hours condensed into less than three minutes.

Sermon March 31 2013 Easter Sunday

Offertory Video March 31 2013

Bishop Julian Dobbs Jan 13 2013

An inspiring sermon by Bishop Julian Dobbs at Glory of God Anglican Church Cocoa Florida.The Confirmation of John Burlein, also took place on January 13, 2013 at Glory of God Church, Cocoa, Florida.  The confirmation is located elsewhere on this channel.