Glory of God family,

As your pastor (a privilege and responsibility I do not take for granted or lightly) I encourage you to take all steps necessary to stay safe from the Corona Virus. The governor of Florida has issued a stay at home order which as followers of Christ we ought to seek to honor. The governor has also issued an executive order which exempts attendance of church from the stay at home order. I appreciate the governor recognizing church as an essential part of life.

So, what do we do as a church who is designed by God to gather. As far as attending services most people will not be able to attend, in order to follow the guidelines for safety. That is why I strongly encourage you to gather online.

Our Sunday service and Wednesday bible study will be available this week on our YouTube channel (gloryofgodcocoa)—let us pray and study God’s word together online. Please try to join us while we are live and even leave comments on the chat. Those who are able may join us on campus for this Sundays Service following the distancing guidelines from Governor DeSantis and the CDC.

Most of all let us remember to seek Gods help and trust in Him. The impact of Covid-19, and our response, will have a lasting and difficult impact on our lives for some time.

Only God can rescue us. Thanks be to God He is able.