December 2013

The Gift of The Child

November 2013

The Gift of Gratitude

What is Your View of Scripture

Finishing Well (Part 4)


Finishing Well (Part 3)

October 2013

Finishing Well (Part 2)

Second Timothy Chapter 4    

Finishing Well

Pastor Appreciation – A Fireside Chat

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September 2013

The Practice of Gratitude (Psalms Part III)

The One Hundredth Psalm which exalts us to make a “Joyful Noise Unto the Lord” and show our gratitude for all the wonderful things that the Lord has Done.    Please click on the Title of the sermon  on the sermon page to see additional Photos and Links regarding our Sunday service.  (This concludes the three […]

The Mighty Forty-Six (Psalm 46)

    Martin Luther  (1483 – 1546) counted Psalm 46 among his favorite passages of scripture.  Luther was a prolific hymn-writer, and authored “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”, (our processional hymn this morning) based on Psalm 46.  Now hear what The Reverend Paul W. Young has to say about this wonderful Psalm.